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About the Editor

  • Internet Explorer renderer engine is based on the version of Internet Explorer installed in your computer. In order to get a better Internet Explorer renderering results (support latest HTML, CSS and Javascript elements), you have to download newer version of Internet Explorer at Microsoft Download Center. At the time writing this, IE 10 is the latest version and IE 11 is under preview state.
  • Auto-Complete text comprised of frequently used HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript tags, attributes and methods. When the Auto-Complete window pop-up, press [Enter] to select the highlighted word in the small pop-up window, and press [ESC] to cancel window. All the words that have only 2 characters or less are not included in the Auto-Complete list.
  • To disable/enable Auto-Complete feature, you can
    • Press [F2] or
    • [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[A] or
    • Go to menu bar > Editor > Enable Auto-Complete or
    • Press the icon [Toggle Auto-Complete Mode] at toolbar.
  • To increase indent, press [Tab]. To decrease indent, press [Shift]+[Tab].
  • Chromium (Awesomium) renderer does not support pop-up message window. For example:

  • Chromium (Awesomium) can't open (navigate) to new window (new tab). For example:
<a href="" target="_blank">site</a>

  • However, you can do pop-up message or new window(new tab) with Internet Explorer renderer.
  • You can undo 100 times. The editor will remember up to last 100 changes of the document.

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