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Change Log

V1.3 (25 Sep 2013)
  • Modify - Logo changed.
v1.2 (15 Sep 2013)
  • Add - Able to insert hex color string
  • Add - Enable text wrapping
  • Add - Able to insert encoded symbol of "<" and ">".
v1.1 (16 Aug 2013)
  • Add feature: Auto-Complete available. Words that have the length of 2 or less are taken out from auto-complete list.
  • Add feature: Implement smart indentation
  • Add info page ReadMe at About section.
  • Tweaks
    • Disable Chromium and IE rendering simultaneously.
    • Able to insert encoded "<" and ">" on click.
v1.0 (14 Aug 2013)
  • Visual rendering output is displayed instantly side by side with HTML codes.
  • Support HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 elements.
  • HTML Syntax highlighting.
  • Code block folding/collapse and expand
  • Codes searching and replacing.
  • Portable, no installation needed.
  • Undo/Redo up to 100 histories.
  • Able to switch position of text editor and rendering output panel.
  • Can switch between vertical or horizontal split view.
  • 2 HTML Rendering Engine. Chromium (Awesomium) and IE (based on installed version of IE on computer)

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